MIXAR – the first Russian augmented reality glasses for direct interaction with holograms in the surrounding space.

The glasses are an independent gadget that connects to your smartphone.
It has a hand gesture control.

Microcomputer with
Intel Atom X5-Z8350
Hand gesture
controller Leap Motion
7600 mAh
stereo display


MIXAR (Standard)

MIXAR Glasses
3-DoF controller


Create augmented realty with your own hands!

MIXAR Features


All you need is your smartphone, and nothing more: no plugins, no computers and wires.

Hand gesture control

You interact with holographic interface with your hands.

Space scanning

The glasses can datect planes, see and differentiate surfaces: table, walls and other objects.


Battery life up 2 hours.

Position Tracking

MIXAR tracks your position with high precision. SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping)

Voice Control

Voice control in available in 100 languages.


Our gadget is a prodigy child of advanced technologies and quality materials.


Weight and dimensions



View Angle


MIXAR in the media


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What are the augmented reality glasses?

The augmented reality glasses enable you to visualize and work with your digital content as part of your real world. You can interact with holograms with your hands and voice. A transparent screen interpositions images on the surrounding objects to create 3D holograms to enhance reality with built-in programs.

How do MIXAR work?

The MIXAR glasses work with the smartphone. Advanced technology converts the light from smartphone display through mirrors and lenses to create realistic make-belief virtual objects. Holograms are stereographic, three-dimensional and high-resolution. Our glasses are independent: they do not require connection to computer or power outlet. Without any wires or cameras you can easily move around.

How do AR glasses differ from VR glasses?

The main difference is that VR-glasses create a separate virtual world while MIXAR AR glasses superimpose holographic images and texts to create a mixed reality. The screen is completely transparent and transitional. The AR glasses look just like usual glasses and create realistic augmented reality.

What kind of software is available?

Our glasses work with software based on ARKIT and ARCORE technologies. It is easy and simple to add a plug-in to the existing software to make it compatible with MIXAR. At the moment, we also have software exclusively developed for our glasses including programs for designers and architects. We also have educational programs and programs for holographic presentations design.

To the developers

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