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Mixar Prefabs

Assets-> MIXARSDK -> Prefabs


It includes Mixar component with ar options.

Movement Speed is a varible that defines player movement speed in the editor scene when ARKit Remote isn't connected (m/s).

For player movement in the editor scene you can use the following keys:
"w" - move forward, "s" - move back, "s" - move left, "d" - move right, "e" - move up, "q" - move down

MixarPlayer component provide movement of player from origin in the tracking system.

MixarPlayer contains a child - Head

MixarHead provide orientation of player head.

You can simulate head in the Editor with Alt+mouse and Ctrl+mouse

MixarStereoController is component that provide the stereo render.

For mono render you should disable MixarStereoController component and Mixar Eyes game objects, enable Camera component of Head game object.

Head game object contains 3 childs: 2 eyes and HandsController

HandsController controls the hands - its childs (SkeletalHandPrefab prefabs).


It visualizes skeletal hand tracking data from Leap Motion Controller and includes bones and points.