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MIXAR Live Preview

Test all MIXAR interactions without having to build!

MIXAR Live Preview replaces the need for Unity Remote

If you are using MIXAR Live Preview, you don't need the Unity Remote app installed on your phone. MIXAR Live Preview based on ARKit Remote. Build the UnityARKitRemote scene from the ARKit SDK (Assets -> UnityARKitPlugin -> ARKitRemote) to your device.

Don't you wish you could preview your MIXAR apps directly in the editor, without having to build to preview small changes?

With UnityARKitRemote scene (build to your device), you can preview all MIXAR interactions directly in the editor.

You can use the app via usb. That means you can put a phone running the app in your headset, and see how your app will function in the build!

Due to streaming the camera feed from the editor to the device, there is more latency and compression in the Live Preview app than you will experience in a build


  1. Build the MIXAR Live Preview App to your device
  2. Connect the development device to Unity
  3. Press Play in Unity Editor, and Live Preview will mirror your editor scene to the Glasses

Building the MIXAR Live Preview App

First, you will need to build the MIXAR Live Preview App to your phone.

  1. Find the Unity scene in Assets -> UnityARKitPlugin -> ARKitRemote.
  2. File->Build Settings make sure you select Development Build and that the platform is iOS
  3. Add the ARKitRemote scene to your build list and uncheck other scenes if they are listed
  4. Build the app following instructions on Building to iOS, additionally, it's best to rename the app's Product Name to "MIXAR Live Preview" so you can keep track of which app it is on your device. To do this to go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player and change the Product Name

Live Preview App must be a Development Build

Make sure to set Development Build in the build settings

Connecting to your device in the console window

You can connect the MIXAR Live Preview app to your editor via USB.

In Unity, navigate to the console window, and click the tab labelled Connected Player. You will see your device listed twice. The device listing with the shorter name is the USB connection, as seen in the screenshot below.

Wait until the app has fully launched on your phone, and select your device.

Wait until app has fully launched before connecting in the console window

If you connect to the device before the app has fully launched, it will crash

Remember to place phone into the headset before launching the app

If you want to preview your Unity editor scene in the Glasses headset be sure to place the phone into the headset first before making the USB connection

Don't change the connected player or close the preview app

If the Preview App enters the background on your phone (you switch to another window to access another app, or lock your phone), the connection with the editor breaks. This will require restarting the app, and if you're still having issues connecting, you may need to restart Unity.

Connecting to the editor

Press play, and you will see a GUI button in the center of the Game window that says Start. click on the button in the game view when you are ready. You should see the game view appear on your editor scene!