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Getting Started with the MIXAR SDK

This page will help you get started with the Mira Prism. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Getting Started - Setting up the scene

  1. Download the latest version of Unity. During the install, make sure that you have iOS Build Support selected

  2. Import the MIXAR SDK. You can clone our bitbucket repository: (for access to repo, please apply for a

  3. Open the UnityMixarScene scene from Assets-> MIXARSDK -> Examples

  4. If you're converting an existing scene drag the MixarPlayer prefab from the Prefabs folder.

  5. The UnityMixarScene include the following components:

  • MixarPlayer prefab providing position tracking, hand tracking and stereo render
  • Direction light with estimation
  • The random cube attached to the center of the scene coordinates
  • GeneratePlanes object displaying detected planes
  • Point cloud visualisation

After build the scene, you will see the following in glasses: