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General FAQ

What is MIXAR?

We are a mobile augmented reality company whose mission is to enhance the way humans interact with each other and their technology.

What is the MIXAR Glasses?

The MIXAR Glasses is a minimalist, untethered AR headset that works seamlessly with the iPhone. The MIXAR headset is available for pre-order now at

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual reality is a fully immersive digital experience where users interact within a simulated environment.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality enhances your physical world by overlaying digital objects, enabling users to interact with holograms in real time.

How are VR and AR different from each other?

VR transports you to an artificial, computer-generated environment immersing you in a new world. In contrast, AR digitally imposes images onto your current environment, allowing you to see an "augmented" version of the world around you.

How does the technology work?

We use the iPhone screen to project stereoscopic images onto a set of semi-reflective lenses. Some of the projected light reflects back into your eyes, creating the illusion of a 3D object.

What can I do with the MIXAR headset?

MIXAR headset augments your world so that you can compete in holographic chess, conquer mind-bending mixed-reality puzzles, and edge out the competition in digital warship battles. Experiences range from solo challenges to multiplayer adventures, making AR as dynamic as it is social.

What makes MIXAR better than other products out there?

Unlike competitor’s headsets, our untethered device does not require connecting to a high-powered desktop or purchasing AR specific computing equipment. The headset is afforable and accessible to the masses. The headset’s clear lenses enable users to remain present in their real world environment, setting augmented reality apart from the isolation inherent of virtual reality.
Unlike competitor’s headsets, our device has a hand gesture control.

What do I receive in the box?

The MIXAR headset ships with the following: Helmet, Wearable microcomputer with battery 7600 mAh, AC/AD Adapter, Case

Can I wear glasses while using the MIXAR headset?

Yes! We don't think you should have to choose between the sensation of sight and an AR experience, so we designed the MIXAR to allow you to wear your glasses while using the headset.

What is MIXAR's power source?

The MIXAR microcomputer runs on its own battery 7600 mAh. The headset is powered by your smartphone.

Does the bubbling of the lenses not let one eye see the other's image? Can you see the right eye's image with your left or vice versa?

We have designed the product to mostly or entirely mitigate cross talk and guarantee an enjoyable user experience.

Is it safe to have MIXAR near your head?

Yes, it is safe. We have tested it extensively for both short term and long term settings.

Can I be a beta tester?

Thanks for the support! At this time we don't plan on having beta testers as the product will be shipping later this year!

Can I wear this outside?

The MIXAR can be worn outside, but we recommend that you use it inside for an optimal augmented reality experience.